AMTE Power: Powering the energy transition

AMTE Power plc (LON:AMTE) is a recognised brand in the production of high-quality lithium-ion batteries across a range of markets including automotive, aerospace, defence, oil & gas and energy storage.

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AMTE Power

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AMTE Power

Hydrogen trucks: coming to a motorway near you

The automotive sector has some ambitious decarbonisation targets to meet and it’s going to take a variety of technologies to get there.  Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), in particular, look set to be an important part of

AMTE Power

AMTE Power appoints new GM to head up Caithness factory

AMTE Power, a company that specialises in electric vehicle and energy storage markets, has appointed Simon Brooks as their new General Manager. Simon will be heading the Caithness factory as the company increases production to meet the rising

AMTE Power

Fuel cell electric vehicles

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are powered by hydrogen. They are more efficient than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles and produce no tailpipe emissions—they only emit water vapor and warm air. FCEVs and the hydrogen infrastructure to fuel them are in

AMTE Power

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), are powered by hydrogen fuel cells and are far more efficient than their conventional counterparts. They only emit water vapor and hot air and do not produce greenhouse gases, even in negligible quantities. Polymer electrolyte

AMTE Power

Battery maker feels positive about future

AMTE Power has selected the former Michelin tyre factory in Dundee for the projectA high-performance battery maker has reiterated hopes that its first big manufacturing plant can open in 2025. AMTE Power selected the former Michelin tyre factory

AMTE Power

Sodium-ion batteries

The rapid growth in the worldwide battery demand has accelerated the search for efficient, low cost, and sustainable batteries able to satisfy different markets, including portable electronics, the electrified mobility sector, and stationary applications. Several emerging battery technologies

AMTE Power

Why EV battery makers are in a race to develop cheaper cell materials

American and European start-ups are racing to develop new batteries using two abundant, cheap materials — sodium and sulphur — that could reduce China’s battery dominance, ease looming supply bottlenecks and lead to mass-market electric vehicles. Today’s EVs run on

Amte Power

Innovation: Unblocking the road to net zero

We have access and rights to some of the most innovative cell technologies. With our unique IP portfolio, we are solving major battery challenges for electric vehicles and energy storage – paving the way to net zero. We

Amte Power

Building a world-class UK battery industry

Tony Harper, Director of the Faraday Battery Challenge, explains why the UK must build a battery supply chain to support the automotive industry’s transformation to net zero. The transformation to zero-emission vehicle production is an existential question for

Amte Power

AMTE Power appoints Anita Breslin as Chief Financial Officer

AMTE Power plc (LON:AMTE), a leading manufacturer of battery cells for specialist markets, has announced the appointment of Anita Breslin to the Board as Chief Financial Officer. Anita will join the Board with effect from 28 November 2022

Amte Power

AMTE Power agrees production contract with  UKBIC

AMTE Power, the developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery cells for specialist markets, has signed a contract to manufacture its Ultra High Power cells at UKBIC in Coventry to support the next phase of its commercialisation

Amte Power

AMTE Power signs convertible loan facility

AMTE Power Plc (LON:AMTE, a leading developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery cells for specialist markets, has announce that, following the passing of the Resolutions at the General Meeting held yesterday, it has entered into Definitive Documents

Amte Power

AMTE Power’s new CEO Alan Hollis effective today

AMTE Power plc (LON:AMTE) has confirmed, following the announcement on Tuesday 6 September regarding the appointment of Alan Hollis to the Board of AMTE Power, that in line with that announcement, Alan today assumes the role and full

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