Deltex Medical Group plc TrueVueTM Loops display launched on CardioQ-ODM+ platform

Deltex Medical Group plc (LON:DEMG), the global leader in Oesophageal Doppler Monitoring (“ODM”), today announced the launch of the TrueVueTM Loops display software on its CardioQ-ODM+ haemodynamic monitoring platform.


The TrueVueTM Loops software is being released globally and is initially available in English, US English, French, Spanish, German and Swedish versions. It is available for customers to purchase as a software licence upgrade to their CardioQ-ODM+ monitor platforms.


The TrueVueTM Loops display gives users a simultaneous display of a patient’s aortic blood flow velocity and aortic blood pressure. The aortic blood flow velocity is taken directly from the TrueVueTMDoppler probe and the blood pressure from a continuous blood pressure device.


The display has been developed by doctors from Lariboisiere Hospital in Paris. Their research has focused on using TrueVueTMLoops to identify the effects of administering vaso-active drugs and to guide their safe administration. The Company is recruiting other clinical experts to join a collaborarative research effort to look at this and other potential clinical applications.


Ewan Phillips, Deltex Medical’s Chief Executive, commented:

“Release of the TrueVueTM Loops is an exciting development for the Company. By giving doctors, for the first time ever, a complete and continuous picture of a patient’s cenrtral haemodynamic status the Loops should take the science of haemodynamics forward in both intensive and peri-operative care. The initial focus on vaso-active drugs offers the possibility of Deltex building a strong competitive advantage in this area to match its existing strength in fluid management.”

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    Deltex Medical Group Plc

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