Digital Healthcare: Opportunities to Iinovate

A significant portion of society is familiar with digital transformation, from experiencing telehealth during the pandemic to the many wearables available on the market today. And while a seemingly more efficient approach, this foray into digital healthcare is hampered by disparate and often unreliable data, interoperability challenges, among other obstacles.

Two renowned industry experts shed light on the many opportunities and challenges associated with the maturation of digital healthcare at IME West, an  advanced manufacturing trade show, held this past April in a highly sought-after session exploring AI, big data analytics, and edge computing:


  • Nandha Kumar Balasubramaniam, Director of Healthcare Genomics & Medical Device Strategy Healthcare Global Business Unit at Oracle Health
  • Patrick Bangert, VP of AI at Samsung SDSA

As a doctor founded, patient-focused company, Doctor Care Anywhere plc (ASX:DOC) believe that happy doctors mean happy patients. It’s a virtuous circle and one that we’ve built a great team to help keep going.

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