Diverse Income Trust Fund Manager Gervais Williams upbeat on returns and opportunities (Interview)

Diverse Income Trust plc (LON:DIVI) Fund Manager Gervais Williams joins DirectorsTalk to discuss the half-yearly financial report of the company for the period to 30th November 2020. Gervais talks us through the main factors that have driven returns, explains whether the Trust’s revenue per share can be sustained at a time when many plcs have cut their dividends, a lagging UK stock market and reasons for catching up and with bond yields peaking out, is it getting harder to find new holdings on attractive valuations?

The Diverse Income Trust invests primarily in quoted or traded UK companies with a wide range of market capitalisations, but a long-term bias toward small and medium sized companies.

The Company may also invest in large companies, including FTSE 100 Index constituents, where it is believed that this may increase shareholder value.

The Managers adopt a stock specific approach in managing the Company’s portfolio and therefore the amount apportioned to a particular industry sector is of secondary consideration. As a result of this approach, the Company’s portfolio does not track any index.

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