Diversified Energy sells undeveloped acreage for net consideration of $16 million

Diversified Energy Company PLC (LON:DEC), has announced the sale of certain undeveloped acreage within Diversified’s Central Region for net consideration of ~$16 million to an undisclosed buyer.

The Assets include approximately ~22,000 net acres in Oklahoma, representing a small portion of the Company’s undeveloped Central Region acreage. The Transaction  demonstrates Diversified’s ability to realize upside within its broader portfolio by monetizing undeveloped and non-core acreage, adds ~$16 million to the Company’s liquidity, and is well-aligned with Diversified’s strategic focus on operated PDP properties. Consistent with prior acquisitions, the Company ascribed no value to the leasehold in its purchase price allocation. Accordingly, 100% of the proceeds from this sale represent additional value to shareholders.

Commenting on the Transaction, CEO Rusty Hutson, Jr. said:

“Once again, our teams delivered in their commitment to enhance the value from recent Central Region acquisitions, significantly reducing our net purchase price by successfully monetizing another portion of undeveloped leasehold. This Transaction exemplifies our strategy of efficiently managing our producing assets while extracting upside from other portions of our asset portfolio. The sale proceeds enhance our liquidity as we evaluate other value-accretive opportunities to generate additional free cash flow. We remain focused on delivering operational and administrative synergies, stewarding our assets, and executing our Smarter Asset Management programmes.”

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    Diversified Energy Company plc

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