DIVI highlights dividend income growth potential in January factsheet

Diverse Income Trust plc (LON:DIVI) has announced its Factsheet for the month ended 31 January 2024.

Manager commentary

One of the key advantages of the Diverse Income Trust’s widely diversified mix of holdings is that in
our view, its stream of dividend income has greater growth potential than that of the companies in the
main stock market indices alone. Some portfolio holdings are mature but alongside there are others that are less mature. Many have sales and earnings principally overseas, along with others that are skewed domestically. Some are large companies (large-caps) and others are small companies (smallcaps).

Global stock markets have risen over recent months, as investors are cheered that the global economy
appears to have dodged a recession. Whilst this is reassuring, we worry that the ongoing reshoring of supply lines will add to inflationary pressures. In addition, the fragmentation of global trading relationships makes it harder for businesses to plan and hence invest for the future.

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