Emulsion technology made concise

Quadrise has developed an innovative and disruptive technology solution to create value from the bottom of the crude oil barrel. Explaining the company’s ground-breaking complex technology in a simplified manner to all stakeholders, as well as reinforcing the MSAR sub-brand was essential. This was achieved by producing a concise and engaging animated film.

It was imperative that bioMSAR was positioned as an alternative to traditional fuel oil – a cleaner fuel that reduces greenhouse emissions up to 20%. Core to the success of the launch was creating the bioMSAR product brand. A brand that has to adhere to the corporate identity whilst maintaining and communicating the core product values.

Quadrise Fuels International plc (LON:QFI) is the global innovator and licensor of disruptive heavy oil technology that produces MSAR® fuel. The Quadrise team is a unique combination of energy sector experts and fuel specialists that were instrumental in the prior commercialisation of 60 million tons of Orimulsion® fuel worldwide.

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Quadrise Fuels International

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Quadrise Fuels International

Ships get older and slower as emissions rules bite

If shipping is the beating heart of global trade, its pulse is about to get slower. Faced with uncertainty about which fuels to use in the long term to cut greenhouse gas emissions, many shipping firms

Quadrise Fuels International

Refinery economics case study

Evaluating the economics of introducing MSAR® in to a hypothetical, semi-complex refinery, which is currently producing HFO from a blend of SDA pitch and LCO cutter stock, by installing a single MMU producing 1,000t/day of MSAR®

Quadrise Fuels International

Heat and Power case study

MSAR® is commercially and operationally proven in both steam boilers and diesel engines. It can be supplied directly from candidate refineries and delivered to a power plant using conventional infrastructure designed for heavy fuel oil. STEAM BOILERS Over 60

Quadrise Fuels International

Accelerating the transition to net zero

MSAR Emulsion Fuel Improves engine efficiency, lowering energy consumption and fuel costs to achieve CO2 savings of up to 9% Enhances fuel blending of lower value fuels and biofuels, the water lowers fuel viscosity and NOx

Quadrise Fuels International

Mexico’s energy problem

Mexico’s energy sector has a problem. In order to satisfy the growing demand for high-value transportation fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, Mexico must import billions of dollars worth of these fuels each year. Imports alone are

Quadrise Fuels International

Quadrise Fuels International: Moving forward in Morocco

Quadrise has signed a new material transfer and cooperation agreement with its client in Morocco. The signature clears the way for an industrial demonstration test at one of the client’s sites, potentially leading to commercial sales of

Quadrise Fuels International

Marine case study

MSAR® is operationally and commercially proven as a marine bunker fuel in both 2- and 4-stroke engines. It can be supplied directly from candidate refineries and delivered to marine vessels using conventional infrastructure designed for marine

Quadrise Fuels International

Benefits of bioMSAR

Low CO2 emissions – bioMSAR™ offers a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to HFO. This is comparable with LNG use, but without the risk of methane slip, which is 21 times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Low cost

Quadrise Fuels International

Quadrise Fuels on-track to achieve commercialisation targets

Quadrise Fuels International – London-based residual oil technology licensor – says its on track to achieve commercialisation targets following ‘positive engagement with counterparties during the past month’. ‘During the past month, the board and management have

Quadrise Fuels International

Benefits of MSAR®

MSAR® delivers economic, environmental and handling advantages over conventional HFO. Where a refinery produces heavy fuel oil (HFO), some higher value distillate cutter stocks are diverted and downgraded to the fuel oil pool to dilute the bottom

Quadrise Fuels International

Quadrise projects on track after Board review

Lower-carbon fuel technology company Quadrise said it was on track to achieve its commercialisation targets in an update on Monday, after a board review and “positive engagement” with counterparties over the last month. The AIM-traded firm said as

Quadrise Fuels International

Quadrise Fuels International is well on-track to achieve its targets

Quadrise Fuels International plc (LON:QFI), the supplier of MSAR® and bioMSAR™ emulsion technology and fuels, providing innovative lower cost and lower carbon alternatives to fuel oil and biofuels, has presented an update following a board review of the Company’s projects, operations

Quadrise Fuels International

bioMSAR: Towards a net-zero future

The pursuit of a Net-Zero future has created a ‘space-race’ within the marine industry. Potential nearer term greenhouse gas (‘GHG’) savings, along with other environmental benefits, are being sacrificed as investment by the marine industry focuses

Quadrise Fuels International

Quadrise Fuels narrows loss and eyes revenue in second half

Quadrise Fuels International PLC – London-based residual oil technology licensor- Narrows loss in the six months ended December 31 to £1.5 million from £2.3 million. First half revenue surges to £75,000 from £8,000. Production & development

Quadrise Fuels International

Quadrise Fuels: Moving forward in Utah

Quadrise has announced a phased commercial development agreement with energy services company Valkor Technologies to commercialise Quadrise’s MSAR and bioMSAR technology at Valkor’s projects in Utah. The agreement provides a framework for the potential delivery of