Goodbody Health a pivotal moment in community pharmacy (Interview)

Goodbody Health Inc. (CSE: GBDY / AQSE: GBDY / FRA: 484 / OTC: SCNNF) Scientific Advisory Committee Member and Chair of the Pharmacy Focus Group Ian Strachan joins DirectorsTalk Interviews to tell us more about the company.

Ian explains his journey within the pharmaceutical sector and becoming Scientific Advisory Committee Member and Chair of the Pharmacy Focus Group of Goodbody Health, the role he plays, views on the company and this means to an independent pharmacist and the sector as a whole.

Goodbody Health are a wellness company, focusing on the Health and Wellness of customers through the local community by the introduction and use of cutting edge diagnostic equipment.

Disrupting the ‘old model’ of courier to laboratory style testing.

Goodbody Health is the parent company for its main brand name “Goodbody” and its trading subsidiaries “Goodbody Wellness Limited” and “Goodbody Botanicals Ltd”

Know More. Live Better. To provide healthcare testing services in the local community.

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Goodbody Health Inc.

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