Proving the value of environmental attributes in the Amazon

A privately held company is on a mission to deliver premium-quality carbon credits and other environmental attributes from nature-based solutions. This company is actively engaged in reforestation, afforestation, and carbon soil projects across approximately 3 million hectares in Brazil’s Amazon region. To ensure the highest standards, the company employs rigorous risk management procedures based on 81 legal and regulatory compliance criteria. These procedures add incremental layers of value beyond existing climate standards and methodologies. However, the company faced the significant challenge of proving this value to the broader market.

To address this challenge, the company partnered with Context Labs, utilising their Immutably™ platform and industry-leading Asset Grade Data (AGD™) technology. This collaboration aims to enhance transparency and traceability, providing irrefutable proof of quantified environmental attributes on a large scale. By implementing CLEAR Path™, an attribute registry offering flexible and scalable infrastructure to support evolving carbon methodologies and project types, the company has successfully reduced risks, strengthened its impact, and accelerated its time to market.

i(x) Net Zero plc (LON:IX) is an investing company which focusses on Energy Transition and Sustainability in the Built Environment, and was founded in 2015 by Trevor Neilson, Pär Lindström and Howard W. Buffett. It has holdings that are committed to facilitating and accelerating the transition away from energy that is derived from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy sources including Context Labs.

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i(x) Net Zero plc

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