Sativa Wellness Group changes name to Goodbody Health Inc and clear strategic direction

Sativa Wellness Group have today announced a change of name to Goodbody Health Inc (AQSE:GBDY) to align the parent company with its main brand name “Goodbody” and its trading subsidiaries “Goodbody Wellness Limited” and “Goodbody Botanicals Ltd”. After significant feedback, the Board decided that the Goodbody brand using the proposition “Know More-Live Better” better promotes and reflects the Company’s Strategic Direction as a Health and Wellness Company.

The Company’s name change will be updated from 8.00 a.m. 13 January 2022 UK time on the Apex segment of the AQSE Growth Market and on the Canadian Securities Exchange from market opening. The Company’s shares will start trading under the new ticker “GBDY” on these exchanges from the same times.

The over the counter market in the United States and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are expected to reflect this change soon after on their existing tickers as “484” for the FSE and “SCNFF” for the OTC.

The Company’s web address will change as of 12 January 2022 to The information required pursuant to AQSE Growth Market Apex Rule 4.14 may be found at this address.

In 2020, the Company set up COVID testing clinics for travellers in response to the pandemic to supplement the existing wellness business. The success of these clinics continues to evolve into a range of wellness testing products and services in addition to the COVID testing and CBD products, with the realisation that customers are looking for wellness management as well as symptom diagnosis. This has yielded strong sales growth through the local independent pharmacies who are proactive in helping their community as well as directly to corporate and individual customers.

The need for radical investment and reform of diagnostic services was recognised at the time the NHS Long Term Plan was published in 2019.  The Covid-19 pandemic has further amplified the need for radical change in the provision of diagnostic services.

Currently, we offer a local level network of over 140 clinics nationwide, offering over 30 blood and PCR tests for at home or in clinic testing. We continue to provide CBD wellness products which are all submitted to the FSA as part of the novel food process as well as cannabinoid testing. By the end of 2022 we aim to offer 1,000 points of care for customers as well as an increased range of products and services.

Geremy Thomas, Goodbody Health Executive Chairman, said: “Following the huge successes of 2021 in delivering health and wellness products and services, we are extremely keen to make sure all of our investors and other stakeholders understand the strategic direction of the company. The repositioning of our brand as Goodbody Health, combined with our key customer proposition of ‘Know More – Live Better” better reflects our mission to be a major provider of wellness products across our ever-expanding distribution channels. We are very positive about the opportunities this will bring in 2022 and beyond.”

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