Sativa Wellness Group still supplying lateral flow tests as Gov.UK unable to deliver

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has now confirmed that for anyone trying to order lateral flow tests from the website the service has been suspended, with the message “due to exceptionally high demand.”

This follows the government announcement that an estimated 200,000 people a day are getting infected with the Omicron variant of coronavirus and that daily testing would become mandatory for anyone double-jabbed who comes into contact with a COVID-19 case to help slow the spread of the virus.

Those trying to order tests are being met with a message on the website saying 111, 119 and 999 did not have access to any more tests – as well as none being available for home deliveries.

DirectorsTalk caught up with Sativa Wellness Group CEO Marc Howells for his comment: “As demand for lateral flow testing overruns supply, Goodbody Clinics maintains a healthy supply over the Christmas period. In addition people can also check their resistance to Covid by the antibodies they have. Checkout the Goodbody Clinic antibody test and know your level of resistance. Know more – live better……”

So where can you get lateral flow tests from?

Marc went on to say “Sativa Wellness can provide both home test kits to check IgG antibodies post-vaccination ( or in-clinic, venous draw appointments at 30+ UK locations to check either IgG or IgM, if the customer prefers (

A note on the difference – the home test kit simply shows whether you do, or do not, have antibodies in a similar format to the line appearing on a Lateral Flow test.

Our venous draw test gives a quantitative result for IgG antibodies which can provide a more detailed picture on the level of coverage you have.”

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