Stackable, millimeter-scale batteries power medical devices

Advancements in medical technology are resulting in increasingly smaller devices designed to be implanted in or adhered to the body – everything from neuromodulation devices and implanted sensors to small wearables such as smart contact lenses and orthodontic devices. Because many of these devices are implanted with catheters winding through arteries and veins, they must be small, customizable, and safe.

Ilika’s Product Commercialization Manager, Denis Pasero, says achieving safe, miniaturized devices depends on battery technology. “Our solid-state Stereax micro-batteries are designed to address the needs of these next-generation devices, and we work closely with our customers to customize them in terms of size and shape,” Pasero says. “A battery is a core operating function, and too often a device is designed and then they consider what battery will power it. It’s best when we work closely with designers in the early stages, so they know there are more options than standard lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. We create customized batteries for the device rather than the device being designed around standard options.”

Ilika plc (LON:IKA) is a pioneer in solid state battery technology enabling solutions for applications in Industrial IoT, MedTech, Electric Vehicles and Consumer Electronics.

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Ilika plc

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