Symphony Environmental progressive and advanced engagement at the K Show

Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc (LON:SYM), the global specialists in technologies that make plastic and rubber products smarter, safer and more sustainable, has announced it had progressive and advanced engagement with potential customers and possible strategic suppliers at the recent K Show. The K Show is the world’s largest plastic and rubber trade fair and was held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 19th to 26th October 2022. The K Show, held every three years, convenes leading suppliers and innovators from the international plastics and rubber industry.

Illustrating the scale of the business development opportunity attending this event represents for the Company, the (previous) 2019 edition of the K Show attracted 224,000 visitors from 169 countries and 3,330 exhibitors from 63 countries. The Symphony team attending the 2022 edition of the K Show numbered 15, comprised of Company leadership, sales executives, technical executives and Symphony’s global distributor network.

Symphony delegates met with over 250 potential new customers and 10 strategic partners over the event, potentially delivering significant commercial outcomes for the Company. New d2w and d2p business was progressed and the Company is optimistic that a number of these discussions will swiftly progress to the Group’s active project pipeline and thereafter convert into meaningful revenues.  

The potential customers met by the Symphony team over the eight days hailed from a diverse range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, hygiene and waste management. This sectoral diversity illustrated in turn the very wide range of applications for Symphony’s d2w and d2p technologies and the ease and cost efficiency with which Symphony’s technologies can be incorporated into users’ existing supply chains.

Michael Laurier, CEO of Symphony Environmental, said;

“We were delighted to return to the 2022 edition of the K Show after a three-year period in which the global issues of plastic waste and plastic pollution, safeguarding human health and food insecurity have become increasingly problematic.

“Against that challenging global backdrop, it was therefore timely that we as a Symphony team were able to re-introduce our proven d2w and d2p technologies to a diverse range of global customers and strategic partners.

“These proven technologies provide solutions to some of the key challenges of our times: d2w, in combatting plastic waste and plastic pollution by rendering plastic treated with it as biodegradable; and d2p which has a range of applications, in particular protecting plastic packaging from viruses, fungi and bacteria and separately combatting food insecurity by enhancing the properties of plastic packaging and thereby prolonging the useful life of food.

“Our conversations with customers at the K Show also confirmed, after the significant and continued investment in R&D made by the Company, that our solutions are increasingly being regarded as an ESG toolkit, capable of fast and cost-efficient deployment by public and private sector entities alike.”

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Symphony Environmental

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