Fidelity Emerging Markets

Outlook for Emerging Markets in 2024

Emerging markets are neutral for 15 years now. In fact, as 2024 kicks off, EEM ETF, representative of emerging markets, trades at the exact same point as the market’s top in

Fidelity Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets: Potential turning points

In times of uncertainty and dislocation, emerging markets often stand in the Crossfire. Given the state of geopolitics and the radical reset of borrowing Costs, the present moment would surely

Fidelity Emerging Markets

The stars are well aligned for emerging markets

Emerging markets are poised for growth, buoyed by favourable interest rates, a stable US dollar, and beneficial oil prices, per Mark Matthews of Bank Julius Baer & Co. Matthews pointed

Fidelity Emerging Markets

Investing in e-commerce development in Emerging Markets

When it comes to e-commerce investment, emerging markets have long been overshadowed by developed countries. However, as e-commerce penetration and online sales growth rates mature in developed countries, players across

Fidelity Emerging Markets

The stunning resilience of emerging markets

As finance ministers and central bankers convened in Marrakesh for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meetings on October 9-15, they faced an extraordinary confluence of economic and

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Emerging Markets investment trust: FEML factsheet Sept 2023

Fidelity Emerging Markets Limited (LON:FEML) has announced its monthly factsheet for September 2023. Emerging markets declined in September and marginally underperformed developed markets. US Treasury yields reached near multi-year highs after