TEAM Plc’s Mark Clubb reviews 2022 and sets out the Company plans for 2023

TEAM Plc (LON:TEAM) financial results for the period ended 30th September 2022 presented by Executive Chairman Mark Clubb.

TEAM plc is building a new wealth, asset management and complementary financial services group. With a focus on the UK, Crown Dependencies and International Finance Centres, the strategy is to build local businesses of scale around TEAM plc’s core skill of providing investment management services. Growth will be achieved via targeted and opportunistic acquisitions, team and individual hires, collaboration with suitable partners, and by organic growth and expansion.

TEAM plc has three principal activities, Investment and Fund Management, Treasury Services and Financial Advice.

Investment and Fund Management provides discretionary investment management services, model portfolios, bespoke portfolios and fund management services via fixed income and equity fund vehicles. Total assets managed as at 30 September 2022 were £249m (FY21: £297m).

Treasury Services focused on improving the return and mitigating the risks associated with the management of cash for institutions, professional advisers, trustees and high net worth individuals.
Financial advice – primarily for individuals resident in Jersey, and investment consultancy services to wealthy individuals and trusts.

The Group’s income is predominantly derived from activities conducted in Jersey, Channel Islands, with a number of retail, high net worth, family office, sovereign, institutional and corporate clients.
At the year end, the Group had 33 staff (FY21: 16), with 1 in the UK and 32 in Jersey (FY21: 1 and 15 respectively).
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