We often hear from L&D teams who are not yet leveraging LMS features that could transform the way they work and improve the learning experience for their employees. In this blog, we look at some LMS features you need for effective learning management.

If you currently have an LMS, how many of its various tools and features do you use on a regular basis?

If you’re looking to purchase an LMS, do you know which tools and features could make a real difference on your team’s day-to-day work?

An LMS is a big investment, and it needs to work for you. An LMS that doesn’t create admin efficiencies, or improve compliance and learner engagement will not deliver significant ROI for your organization.

From our experience advising many leading organizations, we’ve put together a list of ten LMS features that deliver great benefits. In the rest of this blog, we’re going to share a few of our favorites.

LMS features for better compliance: Update controls

Update controls make validation management a smoother, more predictable part of compliance for organizations in highly-regulated industries.

These organizations often have to validate their LMS for intended use to be compliant with certain regulations.

Validating an LMS for intended use is expensive and time-consuming. Validation procedures can take around three to six months to complete, and include the creation of lengthy documentation.

If an organization has a multi-tenant LMS, they may find that it’s invalidated when their LMS provider rolls out blanket upgrades. This means they have to go through the entire validation process again.

But with a single-tenant LMS, such as NetDimensions Learning, update controls can provide L&D teams in highly-regulated industries with the control they need to maintain compliance.

Update controls allow organizations to specify when and how they would like to upgrade. This might mean upgrading only once a year to drastically cut down on validation costs.

If you’re in a highly-regulated industry, seek out a single-tenant LMS that puts you in control of upgrades.

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