Toople wins new contract to provide next generation broadband solutions to TOCA

Toople PLC (LON:TOOP), a provider of bespoke telecom services to UK SMEs, has announced that it has won a new contract to provide next generation broadband solutions to TOCA, the global sports and entertainment company at the prestigious O2 venue in London.

Toople will provide critical high speed secure data connectivity as TOCA rolls out its first immersive, soccer-themed entertainment venue, TOCA Social, at the O2.

TOCA Social is a new entertainment concept, transforming how visitors meet and play. It is built around accessible and interactive football-based games.  The stylish, 30,000-square-foot venue will give players of all kinds a place to come together, with live events, gaming experiences and F&B.

Set to open in summer 2021, the O2 will be the flagship site for competitive socialising brand TOCA Social.

Founded by former Fulham and Leeds United midfielder Eddie Lewis, TOCA Social describes itself as ‘the world’s first interactive football entertainment concept’ that features ‘inclusive gaming experiences’ leveraging proprietary Touch Trainer and AI-enabled computer vision technologies.

Commenting on the contract win, Andy Hollingworth, CEO at Toople, added:

“We won a number of notable new contracts and contract extensions in late 2020 and I am particularly pleased that we have carried that momentum forward into 2021.  TOCA is creating an exciting new sports entertainment concept at the O2 and we are very honoured to be chosen to provide High Speed secure data connectivity to them as they roll-out their offering.  This is a great endorsement for our brand and service offering.”

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