4 trends in interior automotive design

Premium Experience:

The future of automation calls for a premium interior design. In many ways, the pandemic has validated this. People spent less time driving to work, but more time driving elsewhere. They drove out into the wilderness more in 2020 than any year previous. Drive In movies made a miraculous comeback. Consumers turned to their cars to get away without going anywhere. The Experience of driving took on new meaning. Projects must replicate the quality of the experience in the quality of the interior.


Consumers are driving premium vehicles longer than ever before. Your brand’s reputation is defined by how the interior of the car holds up over 6+ years. Leather seats tend to loosen around seat cushions, causing permanent pockets of loose leather. Consider the additional wear and tear to a vehicle as you use it more often for adventures and entertainment.

CT Automotive PLC (LON:CTA) designs, develops and manufactures automotive interior finishes and complex kinematic assemblies for the most well-known automotive brands on the planet.

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CT Automotive plc

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CT Automotive plc

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