Africa’s growing graphite mining potential

Africa produced around 9% of global graphite fake supply in 2021, with the largest mine (Balama) located in Mozambique owned by Australia based Syrah Resources. When Balama was commissioned back in 2017 the African continent had only a few small operations in Namibia and Madagascar producing less than 10kt/yr (only 1% of global supply). Balama made a big statement for being the largest in the world for graphite reserve tonnage, highest graphite grade and graphite capacity (targeting 313kt/yr). Production quickly passed 100kt in 2018 and 153kt in 2019, but since have struggled. In 2020 Covid related workforce shutdowns forced production down to 12kt. Since then both container shipping disruptions and security concerns after militia attacks in the region forced mine-shutdowns; only 72kt was achieved in 2021 and 128kt so far in the first three quarters of 2022.

Summarizing other notable Africa graphite mines. UK based Tirupati Graphite acquired two assets in Madagascar and commissioned their first 3kt/yr plant in 2019, Sahamamy (84kt/yr capacity) & Votamina (60kt/yr capacity).

Tirupati Graphite PLC (LON:TGR) is a fully integrated specialist graphite and graphene producer, with operations in Madagascar and India, with a vision of developing a world-leading benchmark flake graphite company. 

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