COP27 – What to expect?

What is COP27?

“COP” stands for “Conference of the Parties” – that is, the countries that have signed up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). COP27 is the 27th meeting of those parties. This is essentially a global climate summit where many of the world’s leaders will meet to see if they can agree faster action to tackle climate change.

COP27 will be hosted by Egypt and held in Sharm El-Sheikh on 6 November to 18 November.

COP27 is occurring against a very different global backdrop to when COP26 was held in Glasgow in November last year. We are seeing an energy and food crisis unfold, with spiralling inflation and an associated cost of living crisis across the globe since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February this year – in what some are calling a “polycrisis era“. This has resulted in some countries prioritising energy security and extending the lifeline of coal and nuclear power stations, as well as investing in oil & gas, in particular LNG. In addition, many countries (including developed nations) have experienced extreme weather events this year linked to climate change, for example with record heatwaves and wildfires in Europe and the US, devasting floods in Pakistan and severe drought in Africa.

CyanConnode Holdings plc (LON:CYAN) is a world leader in the design and development of Narrowband RF mesh networks that enable Omni Internet of Things (IoT) communications. 

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