Could lithium stocks be the next frontier with the rise of EV’s?

Who knew a light metal would be the star of the show on the stock market? Lithium is set to be the next battleground, as countries ramp up their own domestic efforts to harness the material that powers electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

As a result, lithium mining companies have shot up in value over the last five years. While a short-term price drop has knocked the stocks, there’s potential for basking in a lithium summer as the metal remains in high demand. Here’s the lowdown on the lithium landscape.

Why invest in lithium?

If you’re new to lithium, you’re not the only one: it’s only exploded onto the scene in the last few years. So what’s all the fuss about this metal? Lithium is a key resource needed for EV batteries. As the EV market hots up and carbon-neutral strategies accelerate, so will the lithium industry as 80% of lithium demand comes from EV manufacturers.

Alkemy Capital Investments plc (LON:ALK, FRA: JV2) is focussed on developing projects in the energy transition metals sector. Alkemy’s wholly-owned subsidiary Tees Valley Lithium (TVL) is developing a state of the art lithium hydroxide plant at Teesside, UK. TVL is Europe’s largest independent and sustainable lithium hydroxide producer.

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Alkemy Capital Investments plc (LON:ALK) is focussed on developing projects in the energy transition metals sector. Tees Valley Lithium is developing a state of the art lithium hydroxide plant at Teesside, UK. Tees Valley Graphite is

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