CyanConnode India recognised as a Start-Up 50 Trailblazer by Dun & Bradstreet

CyanConnode Holdings plc (LON:CYAN), a world leader in Narrowband Radio Frequency (RF) Smart Mesh Networks, has announced that its subsidiary in India, CyanConnode Private Limited, has been recognised as a “Start-Up 50 Trailblazer” by Dun & Bradstreet. This award underscores the Company’s firm commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centric solutions, with a robust roadmap for sustainable growth and profitability.

With over 1.3 million smart meters currently using CyanConnode’s communication infrastructure in India across 11 states, the Company has made significant contributions in the sector since 2012. Its project in Indore has demonstrated the considerable benefits of its network, allowing the utility to recover its Return On Investment within just 2.5 years. Even in the challenging terrains of projects like those in Himachal Pradesh and Assam, the tenacity of CyanConnode’s team has been instrumental in overcoming hurdles and addressing ongoing issues through vigilant maintenance and monitoring. Delivering over 99% SLAs, even in the face of these challenges, CyanConnode continues to lead in the IoT communications and smart metering sector.

“CyanConnode’s recognition as a Dun & Bradstreet Start-Up 50 Trailblazer 2023 is a clear testament to our commitment and perseverance,” said John Cronin, Executive Chairman of CyanConnode. “This accolade is recognition not just of what we’ve achieved, but also the way we’ve achieved it.”

“Getting this award is a proud moment for every member of the CyanConnode family” said Ratna Garapati, Managing Director and CEO of CyanConnode India. “It reflects our combined efforts to revolutionize IoT communications with our cutting-edge Omnimesh solution, secure RF communication systems, and commitment to sustainable growth.” 

 CyanConnode’s Omnimesh solution optimizes channel capacity and improves network performance, making it a game-changer in the Internet of Things communication sector, while adhering to the highest security standards in its RF communication solution for smart metering, which incorporates multiple layers of defence mechanisms.

The Company’s adoption of Wi-SUN, an open international standard in its FG25 based products, has solidified its leadership in providing long-range Sub-GHz wireless connectivity for smart metering. The interoperability of the Wi-SUN stack simplifies the integration of new devices into existing networks and allows utilities to expand their networks as needed. CyanConnode’s RF-based systems offer cost-effectiveness and sustainability, significantly reducing annual power costs for utilities and ensuring compliance with recent regulations of the WPC wing of the Ministry of Communications.

As CyanConnode continues to align with India’s sustainability goals, the Company is prepared to maintain its leading position in shaping India’s smart metering future.

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CyanConnode Holdings plc

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