DG Innovate technology update

Enhanced Drive Technology

As previously announced, DGI Innovate (DGI) is working in collaboration with Meritor, the US-headquartered global commercial vehicle components company, to deliver a scalable 250 kW/400 kW format of the Company’s Pareta® electric drive platform, aimed at bus and HGV applications. The advanced prototypes produced have demonstrated good performance to date versus existing electric motor systems from global motor manufacturers, and cycle testing and optimisation continues. Work on the next design iterations is now underway, with the DGI targeting delivery in Q2 2023. This is intended to prove the viability of DGI’s commercial proposition to potential customers.

Following the successful completion of this stage, DGI intends to undertake a phase of pilot manufacturing and industrial engineering. This work will be part-funded by the ‘Scale up Readiness Validation of Parallel Motor for Automotive Applications’ (“SUPAR”) project, which was awarded by the UK Government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (“APC”), as announced on 9 September 2022. Completion of the associated pilot facility is targeted for 2024.

DG Innovate plc (LON:DGI) is an advanced research and development company pioneering sustainable and environmentally considerate improvements to electric mobility and storage, using abundant materials and the best engineering and scientific practices.

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