Dundas Titanium Project heli-fly-over newly identified exploration targets at Iterlak Delta

Moriusaq Fly-By Start of Titanium Deposit in Greenland, Helicopter fly-by WORLD’S HIGHEST-GRADE ILMENITE PROJECT IN GREENLAND

Start of titanium deposit in Greenland Moriusaq, 7 million tonnes at 12.2% ilmenite at Iterlak East, a newly identified area ~15km east of Moriusaq. Total resources identified to date at Dundas now sit at 96 million tonnes at 6.9% ilmenite in situ. An increase of some 400% on the maiden resource announced in April 2017 $JAY

Bluejay are planning the construction of the Dundas formerly Pituffik ilmenite mineral sands project in Greenland. The project is advancing through Feasibility Study work towards final financing with Site works due to start in Q2 2018 and construction scheduled for later next summer.

This is the most compelling titanium mineral sands project we have ever seen. The question now is at what point will the major mining and processing companies of the world take a closer interest. We expect the market for titanium mineral sands to tighten further this year as demand continues to grow and for projects of this nature to become increasingly valuable from a corporate perspective. Bluejay Mining report greater than 400% increase in their estimation of the Dundas Pituffik titanium mineral sands resource in Greenland.

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    Bluejay Mining PLC

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