How to secure your business broadband Wi-Fi

Digital security is a complicated subject and one that most small businesses don’t have time to look at in any real depth. At the same time, it is a worry, because we have all heard stories of firms that have been hit by cyberattacks and ransomware heists. We tend to only hear about the big events, but that does not mean that smaller businesses don’t get hit too. They do, and a really bad attack can cause significant, often irreparable, harm to a business

Ultimately, small businesses need to keep security in perspective. You could spend a lot of money on securing your systems and data when, in practice, doing a few simple things the right way can make a big difference. This can include making sure you always keep software up to date, and that you have really good passwords in place (and, ideally, these should be changed quite frequently), and making sure your staff are all aware of the dangers.

Toople PLC (LON:TOOP) offers business broadband, fiber, Ethernet first mile and Ethernet data, business mobile phones, cloud PBX and SIP Trunking, and traditional services. Toople works with the big players in the market such as Vodafone & BT. 

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Toople Plc

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