Making Waves ahead of London International Shipping Week

Quadrise Fuels International is a proud member of the UK Chamber of Shipping, the trade association which works with governments, international organisations and other stakeholder groups to champion the interests of the UK shipping industry on behalf of its members. Ahead of LondonInternational Shipping Week 2021 (13 – 17 September) the Chamber has joined forces with ASN Media to produce ‘Making Waves: The Future of Shipping’, a programme telling the story of the industry’s journey to a sustainable future.

The programme will contain interviews and special reports from the professionals, organisations and companies – including Quadrise – that are driving efforts across the sector to tackle climate change and reduce shipping’s footprint on the environment.

Quadrise Fuels International plc (LON:QFI) is the global innovator and licensor of disruptive heavy oil technology that produces MSAR® fuel. The Quadrise team is a unique combination of energy sector experts and fuel specialists that were instrumental in the prior commercialisation of 60 million tons of Orimulsion® fuel worldwide.

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Quadrise Fuels International

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Quadrise Fuels International

Making Waves: The Future of Shipping

The UK Chamber of Shipping has partnered with ASN Media to produce a news and current affairs style programme telling the story of the industry’s transformative journey to a sustainable future. While much has already been done to

Quadrise Fuels International

Benefits of BioMSAR

Low CO2 emissions – bioMSAR™ offers a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to HFO. This is comparable with LNG use, but without the risk of methane slip, which is 21 times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Low cost implementation – an

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Quadrise publishes bioMSAR test results

Quadrise Fuels International (Quadrise) has published test results of its bioMSAR on a medium speed 4-stroke Wärtsilä diesel engine – with the fuel delivering an increase of ‘up to 7%’ in engine efficiency compared with marine diesel, increasing

Quadrise Fuels International

Quadrise Fuels inaugural blog

May-August has been particularly busy at Quadrise.  In May, after three months without an office, we moved into our new serviced offices in London. The new office is much more cost-effective, and the open-plan design really encourages collaborative

Quadrise Fuels International

Refinery Economics case study

Evaluating the economics of introducing MSAR® in to a hypothetical, semi-complex refinery, which is currently producing HFO from a blend of SDA pitch and LCO cutter stock, by installing a single MMU producing 1,000t/day of MSAR® illustrates that