Premier Miton Gervais Williams on sustainability, his green stocks and investment trust outlook (Interview)

Premier Miton Investors plc (LON:PMI) Head of Equities joins DirectorsTalk Interviews to discuss the importance of sustainability. Gervais discusses the signs of a positive economic momentum, how an increase in tax on dividend income affects investors and investment trusts and the importance of sustainability in assessing companies. We also discuss green technologies for companies CyanConnode Holdings, Tirupati Graphite, Dekel Agri-Vision, Quadrise Fuels and Kenmare Resources and what investors could look out for in terms of growth opportunities.

CyanConnode Holdings Plc (LON:CYAN) is a world leader in the design and development of Narrowband RF mesh networks that enable Omni Internet of Things (IoT) communications. With a wealth of expertise and experience in smart technology, the Group provides customers with long-range, low-power, end-to-end networking solutions and high-performance applications that help them enhance service delivery, improve business efficiency and save energy.

Tirupati Graphite PLC (LON:TGR) is a fully integrated specialist graphite and graphene producer, with operations in Madagascar and India. It was incorporated in London, on the 26 April 2017 as a public company with a vision of developing a world-leading benchmark flake graphite company.

Dekel Agri-Vision plc (LON:DKL) is an agriculture processing, logistics and farming operation located in Côte d’Ivoire. 

The Company has a portfolio of projects at various stages of the development curve: a fully operational palm oil project in Ayenouan where fruit produced by local smallholders in addition to c.1,900 ha of company estates is processed at the Company’s 60tn/hr crude palm oil mill; a large scale cashew processing project in Tiebissou, which is due to commence production in 2020; and a 24,000ha brownfield development site in Guitry which is being prepared for development.

Quadrise Fuels International plc (LON:QFI) is the global innovator and licensor of disruptive heavy oil technology that produces MSAR® fuel.

The Quadrise team is a unique combination of energy sector experts and fuel specialists that were instrumental in the prior commercialisation of 60 million tons of Orimulsion® fuel worldwide.

Kenmare Resources plc (LON:KMR) is an established mining company, which operates the Moma Titanium Minerals Mine, located on the north east coast of Mozambique.

The Mine has been in commercial production since 2009 and is recognised as a major supplier of mineral sand products to a global customer base operating in over 15 countries. Kenmare’s products are key raw materials processed into intermediate products and ultimately consumed in everyday “quality-of-life” products such as paints, plastics and ceramic tiles.

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