Redde Northgate buy back own shares

Redde Northgate plc (LON:REDD) have today announced that on the 5th May 2022 it purchased the following number of its own shares to be held in treasury:

Class of shares:  Ordinary shares of 50p (“shares”)
Number of shares purchased:  100,000
Weighted average purchase price paid:  386.9304 pence per share
Highest purchase price paid:  393 pence per share
Lowest purchase price paid:  380.5 pence per share

Following the above transaction, the Company’s issued share capital consists of 246,091,423 ordinary shares of 50p each, of which 2,125,991 ordinary shares are held in treasury, and 1,000,000 preference shares of 50p each which do not carry any rights to vote. Therefore the total number of voting rights in the Company is 243,965,432, which may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change to their interest in the Company under the FCA’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules.

In accordance with Article 5(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (the Market Abuse Regulation) as incorporated into UK domestic law by the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the schedule below contains detailed information about the purchases made by Numis Securities Limited on behalf of the Company as part of the Company’s buyback programme.

Schedule of Purchases – Individual Transactions (all of 5 May 2022)

Number of shares
Transaction price
(GB pence per share)
Time of transactionTransaction reference numberVenue
898391.00 08:17:1200058676257TRLO0LSE
488391.00 08:17:1200058676258TRLO0LSE
1512391.00 08:17:1200058676259TRLO0LSE
53391.00 08:17:1200058676260TRLO0LSE
1704390.50 08:18:3300058676336TRLO0LSE
65390.50 08:18:3300058676337TRLO0LSE
1256392.00 08:32:3600058677345TRLO0LSE
637392.00 08:32:3600058677346TRLO0LSE
227392.00 08:32:3600058677347TRLO0LSE
935393.00 08:33:5000058677412TRLO0LSE
400393.00 08:35:3500058677499TRLO0LSE
267393.00 08:36:0300058677521TRLO0LSE
1307393.00 08:39:0600058677697TRLO0LSE
910392.50 08:40:0400058677738TRLO0LSE
904392.50 08:40:0400058677739TRLO0LSE
1361392.50 09:00:2500058678863TRLO0LSE
1522392.50 09:28:1300058680408TRLO0LSE
755392.00 09:28:1600058680409TRLO0LSE
292392.00 09:28:1600058680410TRLO0LSE
279392.00 09:28:1600058680411TRLO0LSE
1458392.00 09:37:4900058680893TRLO0LSE
1078391.00 10:00:1400058682138TRLO0LSE
290391.00 10:00:1400058682139TRLO0LSE
1280390.50 10:05:0500058682409TRLO0LSE
31390.50 10:05:0500058682410TRLO0LSE
1085390.00 10:22:4100058683185TRLO0LSE
502390.00 10:22:4100058683186TRLO0LSE
1446388.50 10:36:3600058683745TRLO0LSE
871388.00 10:36:4100058683748TRLO0LSE
477388.00 10:37:0000058683755TRLO0LSE
500388.00 10:48:5100058684287TRLO0LSE
867388.00 10:48:5100058684288TRLO0LSE
1613388.50 11:26:1800058685709TRLO0LSE
836388.50 11:31:0400058685935TRLO0LSE
678388.50 11:31:0400058685936TRLO0LSE
557388.00 11:31:0900058685939TRLO0LSE
866388.00 11:31:0900058685940TRLO0LSE
1379390.00 11:43:1200058686599TRLO0LSE
1600389.50 11:55:1900058687145TRLO0LSE
1330389.50 11:57:4400058687344TRLO0LSE
500389.50 12:05:5800058687774TRLO0LSE
1000389.50 12:05:5800058687775TRLO0LSE
62389.50 12:05:5800058687776TRLO0LSE
400389.50 12:05:5800058687777TRLO0LSE
502389.50 12:05:5800058687778TRLO0LSE
450390.00 12:13:5900058688073TRLO0LSE
538390.00 12:21:2100058688304TRLO0LSE
509390.00 12:33:2100058688827TRLO0LSE
390390.00 12:33:2100058688828TRLO0LSE
512390.00 12:44:3000058689332TRLO0LSE
378389.50 13:11:0500058690585TRLO0LSE
1247389.50 13:15:4300058690821TRLO0LSE
269389.50 13:23:0800058691432TRLO0LSE
1335389.50 13:23:0800058691433TRLO0LSE
1376389.00 13:53:4200058693715TRLO0LSE
1540388.50 13:53:4600058693716TRLO0LSE
1594388.50 14:14:0500058694954TRLO0LSE
1294388.00 14:29:4200058695763TRLO0LSE
175388.00 14:33:1000058696106TRLO0LSE
1211388.00 14:33:1000058696107TRLO0LSE
283388.00 14:33:1000058696108TRLO0LSE
1455388.00 14:45:0800058696861TRLO0LSE
400388.00 14:45:0900058696863TRLO0LSE
578388.00 14:45:0900058696864TRLO0LSE
1553387.50 14:53:2800058697425TRLO0LSE
400388.00 14:57:4900058697752TRLO0LSE
327388.00 14:57:4900058697753TRLO0LSE
452388.00 14:57:4900058697754TRLO0LSE
400387.50 15:03:3400058698251TRLO0LSE
400387.50 15:03:3400058698252TRLO0LSE
309387.50 15:03:3400058698253TRLO0LSE
1557387.00 15:03:3400058698254TRLO0LSE
422387.00 15:03:3400058698255TRLO0LSE
1585387.00 15:05:4200058698504TRLO0LSE
400387.00 15:05:4200058698505TRLO0LSE
35387.00 15:05:4200058698506TRLO0LSE
1328386.50 15:10:4500058699105TRLO0LSE
1386386.50 15:10:4500058699106TRLO0LSE
1427386.00 15:12:2100058699211TRLO0LSE
873385.50 15:20:4800058699933TRLO0LSE
538385.50 15:20:4800058699934TRLO0LSE
462385.50 15:20:4800058699935TRLO0LSE
900385.50 15:20:4800058699936TRLO0LSE
20385.50 15:20:4800058699937TRLO0LSE
253385.50 15:20:4800058699940TRLO0LSE
1155385.50 15:20:4800058699943TRLO0LSE
166385.50 15:20:4800058699946TRLO0LSE
760384.00 15:27:1800058701039TRLO0LSE
344384.00 15:27:2700058701055TRLO0LSE
412384.00 15:27:2700058701056TRLO0LSE
657384.00 15:27:2700058701057TRLO0LSE
489384.00 15:27:3000058701059TRLO0LSE
26384.00 15:27:3000058701060TRLO0LSE
274384.00 15:27:3000058701061TRLO0LSE
1291383.50 15:34:3800058702091TRLO0LSE
145383.50 15:34:3800058702092TRLO0LSE
600383.50 15:34:3800058702093TRLO0LSE
793383.50 15:34:3800058702094TRLO0LSE
1051383.00 15:35:1200058702157TRLO0LSE
517383.00 15:35:1200058702158TRLO0LSE
379382.00 15:39:3600058702822TRLO0LSE
1157382.00 15:39:3600058702823TRLO0LSE
8382.00 15:39:3700058702828TRLO0LSE
716381.50 15:41:0800058703058TRLO0LSE
121382.50 15:47:5600058703811TRLO0LSE
500382.50 15:47:5600058703812TRLO0LSE
500382.50 15:47:5600058703813TRLO0LSE
453382.50 15:47:5600058703814TRLO0LSE
1239382.50 15:47:5600058703815TRLO0LSE
66382.50 15:47:5600058703816TRLO0LSE
2382.50 15:47:5600058703817TRLO0LSE
98382.00 15:48:2000058703875TRLO0LSE
876382.00 15:48:2000058703876TRLO0LSE
112382.00 15:48:2000058703877TRLO0LSE
265382.00 15:48:2000058703878TRLO0LSE
400382.00 15:54:4300058704612TRLO0LSE
304382.00 15:54:4300058704613TRLO0LSE
457381.50 15:54:4500058704614TRLO0LSE
1341382.00 16:04:3500058705605TRLO0LSE
1667382.00 16:04:3500058705606TRLO0LSE
1527382.00 16:04:3500058705607TRLO0LSE
1639381.50 16:04:5500058705632TRLO0LSE
632381.50 16:04:5500058705633TRLO0LSE
1437381.00 16:08:1500058706103TRLO0LSE
1468380.50 16:13:2000058706691TRLO0LSE
1562380.50 16:13:2000058706692TRLO0LSE
435380.50 16:13:2000058706693TRLO0LSE
1115380.50 16:13:2000058706694TRLO0LSE
276380.50 16:17:2500058707239TRLO0LSE
359380.50 16:17:2500058707240TRLO0LSE
218380.50 16:17:2600058707246TRLO0LSE
270380.50 16:17:2900058707247TRLO0LSE
345380.50 16:17:2900058707248TRLO0LSE
150380.50 16:17:2900058707249TRLO0LSE
219380.50 16:21:2600058707811TRLO0LSE
217380.50 16:22:5600058708038TRLO0LSE
18380.50 16:24:5300058708319TRLO0LSE
381380.50 16:24:5300058708320TRLO0LSE
850380.50 16:24:5300058708321TRLO0LSE

Redde Northgate is the leading integrated mobility solutions platform providing services across the vehicle lifecycle. The Company offers integrated mobility solutions to businesses, fleet operators, insurers, OEMs and other customers across seven key areas: vehicle rental, vehicle data, accident management, vehicle repairs, fleet management, service and maintenance, vehicle ancillary services and vehicle sales.

The Company’s core purpose is to keep its customers mobile, whether through meeting their regular mobility needs or by servicing and supporting them when unforeseen events occur. With its considerable scale and reach, Redde Northgate’s mission is to offer a market-leading customer proposition and drive enhanced returns for shareholders by creating value through sustainable compounding growth.  The Group aims to achieve this through the delivery of its strategic framework of Focus, Drive and Broaden.

Redde Northgate services its customers through a network and diversified fleet of over 120,000 owned and leased vehicles, supporting over 600,000 managed vehicles, with more than 170 workshop, body shop and rental locations across the UK, Ireland and Spain and a specialist team of over 6,000 automotive services professionals.

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