The world of car interior design

When people talk of “car design,” most probably think of exteriors – the sleek form of a coupe or an angular, rugged SUV. The designers in this article, however, insist that right now it’s all about interior design.

Toyota Times spoke with three individuals who have a burning passion for interior design and are not afraid to share it. Let’s peel back the curtain on the little-known world of interior design.

“In a car interior, changing things by a mere millimeter can throw everything off. It’s a delicate, complex world,” says Hiromi Yagi, Assistant Manager at the Lexus Design Division. He also worked in exterior design before shifting to interiors.

CT Automotive plc (LON:CTA) designs, develops and manufactures automotive interior finishes and complex kinematic assemblies for the most well-known automotive brands on the planet. These critical components are managed through an intricate global network of reactive supply chains to arrive JIT (Just in Time) at their respective OEM manufacturing plants.

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CT Automotive plc

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