Tirupati Graphite delivers its highest production in the year to date

Tirupati Graphite plc (LON:TGR), the specialist flake graphite company and supplier of the critical mineral for the global energy transition, has announced its unaudited trading results for the financial year ended 31 March 2024 and a corporate update. 

Commenting on the results and recent progress Shishir Poddar, Executive Chairman, said:

“The period has seen a lot of important change. The Company has evolved from a graphite project developer into an established global graphite producer with a growing international roster of blue-chip customers and organisations in the sampling and qualification stages. It is ideally placed to take advantage of its position as a leading supplier of the critical mineral graphite outside China. 

The Company has delivered its highest production in the year to date and has achieved this under immensely challenging circumstances. Critically the Company has built world-class plants and facilities using ex-China technologies from its founders and a 30,000tpa final production capacity using its own in-house team and without the need for  more costly third party outsourced contractors. It has achieved this in the face of challenging COVID restrictions and the adverse Madagascan cyclone season of 2022.  

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