Toople client increases scope and length of existing contract, significantly increasing the value

Toople PLC (LON:TOOP), a provider of bespoke telecom services to UK SMEs, has announced that it has sold a range of new IP cloud based services to an existing client in a 36 month extension to the existing agreement, significantly increasing the value of the contract.  

In March 2018 Toople announced that it had signed a new contract with a London based bakery, to provide full telecom services to their 52 retail sites and their company headquarters.  The bakery has since expanded its footprint to over 70 retail sites and continues to grow its estate. 

Toople is now contracted to provide telecom services to all these locations, including broadband, telephony and mobile Wi-Fi, plus high speed broadband and Wi-Fi services to the bakery’s headquarters and distribution offices.  Toople will replace standard broadband with superfast fibre-optic broadband in each location, where available.

Additionally, Toople will now be responsible for rolling out cloud telephony, as well disaster 4G backup recovery systems, in each location.  This will ensure that the business has seamless connectivity in the event of outage and can continue to function with online delivery platforms.

Andy Hollingworth, CEO of Toople, commented:

“We are extremely pleased that an important existing customer is satisfied with the services we have provided.  This satisfaction underpins their wish to increase the scope and length of their existing contract with Toople.  It is further evidence that small and medium sized businesses are increasingly looking at their existing broadband and telephony infrastructure to take advantage of the availability of next generation fibre and improved telecom network services.  This was a contract that we originally won from the largest provider in the UK, so to retain it for another three years with an expansion of the scope of services to be provided is a real affirmation of our offering.

“We congratulate our customer on their success and expansion over the last two and a half years and we look forward to assisting them with the new services they have contracted.  I am pleased that our reputation for providing great service and seamless connectivity at fixed transparent prices is growing in the UK market.”

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Toople Plc

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