Touchstone’s Trinidad project gets go ahead

Toronto-listed independent Touchstone Exploration on August 17 it had received a certificate of environmental clearance to move ahead with development of its Cascadura gas project in Trinidad and Tobago’s onshore Ortoire block.

The sanction from Trinidad’s Environmental Management Authority paves the way for a 200mn ft3/d gas capacity multi-well production plant at surface level, which will also be capable of processing 5,000 barrels/day of liquids and 200 barrels of produced water.

The wellsite at Cascadura’s “A” wellsite will contain enough storage to hold 8,800 liquid barrels, while eight wells will be drilled at the Cascadura B and C pads to extract hydrocarbons. Ortoire will also gain new associated pipelines and infrastructure.

Touchstone Exploration Inc (LON:TXP) is a Canadian-based, international upstream oil and gas company currently active in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

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Touchstone Exploration

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Touchstone Exploration

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