What is Fryer Management?

Deep fryers are a crucial piece of equipment in every commercial kitchen but they’re also messy, unpleasant, and dangerous to maintain. Each year the food service industry experiences about 12,000 burns, according to the Burn Foundation. Cooks, food handlers, kitchen workers, and wait staff are all listed among the top 50 occupations at risk for on-the-job burn injuries.

An improperly managed fryer is not only a liability of safety-related accident and burn hazards for employees and managers, but it can be costly in wasted oil. And with oil having doubled in recent years due to pandemic and Ukraine war supply chain issues, kitchens are increasingly trusting fryer management to make the best use of this precious commodity, cooking oil.

Filta Group plc (LON:FLTA) is a market-leading, commercial kitchen services business, servicing restaurants, supermarkets, stadiums, healthcare, education, hotels and amusement parks. Trusted by many global brands, they specialise in Fryer Management and Grease & Drain Management, servicing businesses that require regular maintenance.

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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Filta Group Holdings plc

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