A behind-the-scenes look inside Boeing’s customer experience centre

The Boeing Customer Experience Center (CEC), a hidden gem for aviation enthusiasts, is a portal into the captivating world of aircraft design, where history and innovation seamlessly blend.

From the golden age of the Boeing 707 to the groundbreaking 787 Dreamliner, this center is the culmination of decades of research transformed into tangible products—all available to the exclusive eyes of Boeing’s finest clients.

Located 10 minutes east of SeaTac Airport, Boeing erected this building with the sole purpose of enchanting its customers, bringing them to various stages—from the initial discussions to post-purchase celebrations. The CEC is a space for building and nurturing relationships with airline customers, from pilots and mechanics to network and fleet analysts and board directors.

Avation PLC (LON:AVAP) is a commercial passenger aircraft leasing company owning a fleet of aircraft which it leases to airlines across the world. Avation’s future focus are new technology low CO2 emission aircraft.

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Avation plc

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Avation plc

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With a steadfast commitment to further connecting people and businesses in a responsible and affordable manner, ATR is continuously evolving its products to cater to the current and future needs of our customers worldwide. Our Product Development strategy

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ATR sees strong potential for its aircraft family in North America

Mid-November, ATR attended the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) conference in Montreal, showcasing how efficient, versatile and future-proof its aircraft are, as part of the company’s efforts to expand its footprint in North America. With eight ATR operators flying over 50 aircraft across Canada, ATR’s turboprops

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Sustainable Aviation

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Airbus (AIR.PA) doubled down on plans to raise jet output across the board next year, with its top executive reminding engine makers of their commitments in the face of “challenging” supply chains, as jetliner demand led its third-quarter profit higher.

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Airbus Vs Boeing: Who’s winning 2023 so far?

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Boeing has released a new Spotlight report highlighting the company’s efforts in environmental, social and governance (ESG) related topics throughout 2022 to accelerate sustainable aviation in the UK and Ireland. Following the publication of Boeing’s 2023 Sustainability Report

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Airbus SE is announcing a leadership evolution in the Executive Committee, establishing a dedicated head at the helm of the Commercial Aircraft business. “Since 2019, the leadership roles of Airbus and its Commercial Aircraft business have been combined,

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