Biome Technologies appoints Martin Rushton-Turner as a Non-Executive Director

Biome Technologies plc (LON:BIOM), a leading bioplastics and radio frequency technology business, has announced that, as indicated in the Chairman’s Statement accompanying the Company’s Report and Accounts for 2022 and in the announcement of the recent Convertible Loan Note fundraising, Martin Rushton-Turner has been appointed a Non-Executive Director of the Company and will join the Board with immediate effect.

Mr Rushton-Turner is, and has been, a significant investor in Biome since 2010 and currently holds 13.31 per cent of the voting rights in the Company and approximately 35 per cent of the Company’s Convertible Loan Notes. He retired from Swiss Reinsurance Group (“Swiss Re”) in 2014 and has since focused his attention and resources on a number of early-stage companies and investments where his roles have included being an adviser, chairman or director.

Mr Rushton-Turner worked at Swiss Re from 2001 to 2014, initially as Head of the Strategic Transactions Group which focused on transactions between Swiss Re and corporate and financial institutions, from 2008 to 2010 as Head of Legacy, the division formed to house and manage down the “bad bank” businesses of Swiss Re, and thereafter as Special Advisor to the Swiss Re Group CFO. Prior to Swiss Re, Mr Rushton-Turner was Head of the Debt Structuring Group at Greenwich NatWest, having joined NatWest in 1993.

Mr Rushton-Turner qualified as a chartered accountant at Coopers & Lybrand in 1990, as a Barrister in 1991 and as a New York attorney in 1992. He holds an LLB from University College London (UCL) and is an Honorary Fellow of UCL.

John Standen, Chairman, commented: 

“We are delighted to be able to welcome Martin to our Board. He has been very supportive of Biome throughout his 12 years of association with us, both as a significant shareholder and through his regular interaction at results time with members of the Board. He has great insights into our sector and has enormous understanding of the complexities which can affect a growing business with innovative technology. We are looking forward to working with him more closely.”

Regulatory Disclosures

In accordance with Rule 17 and Schedule 2(g) of the AIM Rules for Companies, John Martin Rushton-Turner, aged 58, is, or has been during the last five years, a director or partner of the following companies/partnerships:

Current directorships/partnershipsPast directorships/partnerships
Itero Technologies Limit
Itero Development Limited
Intelligent Power Generation Limited
Particle Therapeutics Limited
Garsington Technologies Limited
Smart Diner Group Limited
VOH Limited
Sage & Time LLP
Inside Track Productions LLP
Green Park Climate Change LLP
Good Film Productions Limited
Good Film Productions (PK) Limited
Daytime Productions Limited
Croydon Gasification Limited
JDMS Technologies Limited
IPG Transport Limited
Intelligent Power Gen LLP CGC (Pool Lane) Limited
The Clean Gas Company (UK) Limited
George Films Limited

Martin Rushton-Turner holds 500,000 Ordinary Shares in the Company, which represents 13.31 per cent of the voting rights in the Company. Martin Rushton-Turner is also interested in £300,000 of Convertible Loan Notes in the Company, details of which can be found in Biome Technologies’ announcement dated 31 March 2023.

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Biome Technologies

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