Climate change and the role of bio-based and biodegradable materials

The Agricultural Revolution, The Industrial Revolution and The Computing Revolution have all immeasurably changed the way that we live our lives. Each of these paradigm shifts have brought huge benefits to the human race but some unforeseen negative consequences have also manifested; climate disruption, biodiversity loss, pollution and zoonotic diseases are all pressing issues that need to be solved and fast. Biotechnology is the next green revolution that promises to solve many of humanity’s current challenges.

Alongside investment into renewable energy and sustainable transport, we need to be making more advancements in sustainable materials and chemicals. We need to invest in biotechnology. Without this, we simply won’t achieve net zero. Rather than man-made factories producing chemicals, materials or energy, we now have the capability to engineer enzymes, microorganisms and plants to produce renewable, plant-derived alternatives. These have the potential to replace fossil fuels, improve human health and deliver low energy processes.

Biome Technologies plc (LON:BIOM) is a growth oriented, commercially driven technology group. The Group’s primary activity is the development of its fast growing business in bioplastics. The Group comprises two divisions: Biome Bioplastics and Stanelco RF Technologies.

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Biome Technologies

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Biome Technologies

What is the compostability of Bioplastics?

The compostability of bioplastics refers to the breakdown of bioplastics into compost (biomass) that enriches soil. This means that anything that is compostable is also biodegradable. But if something is biodegradable, it is not necessarily compostable, too.  Compostability

Biome Technologies

Leading innovators in biodegradable packaging

The packaging industry continues to be a hotbed of patent innovation. Activity is driven by recyclability, durability, transparency, and extended shelf life, and growing importance of technologies such as shrink wrapping, smart packaging, 3D printing, and computer aided

Biome Technologies

Are bioplastics compostable? Part 2

Bioplastics are rolling to market fast, with biobased resin makers touting their wares as compost-facility ready. In Part 2, Emily McGill, manager of Research and Communications for BSIbio Packaging Solutions and founding partner of the Compostable Field Testing

Biome Technologies

Vigilis donates tree shelters to local primary school

The Vigilis Tree Shelters team have donated some Vigilis Tree Shelters, tree stakes and cable ties to a local primary school in Essex. Sophie, Ben and Kelly went along for a morning of tree planting with the children

Biome Technologies

Are bioplastics compostable?

The term “bioplastics” is heating up conversations in the industrial compost community. These materials, made wholly or partly from renewable plant-based sources, are often pegged as contaminants because they typically degrade much slower than leaves, grass, and food scraps,

Biome Technologies

Key drivers of the bioplastics market

The Bioplastics market is a segment of the global plastics industry that revolves around the production, consumption, and trade of biodegradable and renewable plastic materials. Bioplastics are derived from renewable sources such as plants, biomass, and microorganisms, as

Biome Technologies

Top compostable plastic manufacturers

Compostable plastic manufacturers are revolutionizing the industry by producing eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastics, addressing the issue of waste disposal and environmental pollution. Compostable plastics are materials that break down into natural elements when put into composting conditions.

Biome Technologies

Biome Technologies posts reports of increased revenues

Southampton-based Biome Technologies, a bioplastics and radio frequency technology business, released its unaudited trading update for the quarter ended 30 June 2023. The company posted encouraging reports of growth in revenue. Biome reported that group revenues were £3.6 million,

Biome Technologies

The most innovative and promising technologies for plastic recycling

Biodegradable and Bioplastic Products Bioplastics and sustainable, biodegradable materials may replace traditional plastics. Bio-based plastics, made from renewable sources, like plants, may be recycled alongside conventional polymers and have fewer carbon footprints. An eco-friendly alternative for one-time use

Biome Technologies

Biome Technologies 2023 H1 group revenues up 47% to £3.6m

Biome Technologies plc (LON:BIOM), a leading bioplastics and radio frequency technology business, has provided an unaudited trading update for the quarter ended 30 June 2023. The Company’s unaudited interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2023

Biome Technologies

Opting for bio-plastics is the way forward

‘Plastic is everywhere’ is one statement that may be said without any discussion or argument. Plastic’s versatility and affordability have found its way into every part of our lives. It is also no secret that its widespread use

Biome Technologies

Bioplastics and biopolymers revolutionising the plastic industry

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in global awareness and concern about environmental sustainability. One sector that has gained immense attention is the plastics industry, which is notorious for its detrimental impact on ecosystems. In

Biome Technologies

Southampton’s Biome awarded contract worth £0.45m

Southampton Bioplastics specialists Biome Technologies has announced that its Stanelco RF Technologies division has been awarded a contract worth £0.45m to supply an induction furnace system to an as of yet unnamed company. The design and construction of the furnace

Biome Technologies

Biome Technologies’ Stanelco RF wins £452,000 contract

Biome Technologies plc (LON:BIOM), a leading bioplastics and radio frequency technology business, has announced that its Stanelco RF Technologies division ( has been awarded a contract with a revenue value of £452,000 to supply a novel induction furnace

Biome Technologies

Bioplastics: Trends and projections

The growing market for bioplastics has garnered significant attention in recent years, as concerns over the environmental impact of traditional plastics have led to a surge in demand for more sustainable alternatives. Bioplastics, which are derived from renewable

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