Enteq Technologies qualifies alternative to traditional RSS technology in Norway field trials

Enteq Technologies (Enteq), the energy services technology and equipment supplier accelerating the energy transition through innovative alternatives to traditional technology, has successfully drilled 100m in granite during field trials, qualifying its game-changing alternative to traditional rotary steerable systems (RSS), the SABER Tool’s, capabilities. 

SABER is Enteq’s novel solution which aims to disrupt the RSS and drilling industry by offering unmatched attributes for operators and service companies, and new levels of performance against the market leaders. By opting to drill 100m in granite, one of the hardest and highest vibration environments for drilling, SABER successfully demonstrated the functionality of key elements of the innovation. During testing the engineering team was able to identify minor enhancements to the control system, and to ensure that the tool is suitable for use in extreme conditions and non-traditional applications, like geothermal drilling.

Enteq Technologies plc (LON:NTQ) develops and supplies equipment for Measurement, Logging and Geo-steering while drilling of wells for the Geothermal, Oil and Gas markets.

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Enteq Technologies

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