iEnergizer Limited thrill with growth in sales, profits, cash generation and dividends

iEnergizer (LON:IBPO), the technology services and media solutions leader for the digital age, recently reported its annual results for the year ended March 31, 2022. The company said it achieved significant growth in revenue and exceeded market expectations for EBITDA, due to the significant progress made by colleagues across all divisions, focusing on high margin revenue.

Marc Vassanelli, Chairman of iEnergizer, said, “With iEnergizer’s solid foundation, its proven strength in operational execution, new sales initiatives, differentiated offerings, healthy balance sheet, and with substantial opportunities for further growth identified, the Board is confident in the Company’s continued growth path as a unique, end-to-end digital solution enabler.”

Fund Manager Gervais Williams told us, “It’s still a very significant part of the Diverse Income Trust portfolio, in part because it’s performed strongly but most particularly what’s been thrilling about them is they don’t just deliver in terms of generating cash and profits but they have very high levels of service.

That’s meant that a lot of their early customers are still with them and as they’ve brought on new customers, they’ve been able to layer them on. That’s led to a very good growth in terms of sales, very good growth in terms of profits and cash generation and ultimately, that’s been reflected in a strong improvement in the dividends and that’s ultimately the cornerstone.

Companies which succeed ideally generate surplus cash and when they have surplus cash, they can pay dividends, which then drives their share price up. iEnergizer is a very good example of a company which has just been hugely successful in that regard.”

iEnergizer (LON: IBPO) is an AIM quoted, independent, integrated software and service pioneer. The Company is a publishing and technology leader, which is set to benefit from the dual disruptive waves of big data and the cloud in the digital age. With its expertise and cutting-edge technology, the company is uniquely positioned to facilitate the transformation to a digital world and support clients in this transition.

It provides services across the entire customer lifecycle and offers a comprehensive suite of Content & Publishing Process Outsourcing Solutions (Content Services) and Customer Management Services (Business Process Outsource) that include Transaction Processing, customer acquisition, customer care, technical support, billing & collections, dispute handling, off the shelf courseware, and market research & analytics using various platforms including voice – inbound and outbound, back-office support, online chat, mail room and other business support services.

Its award-winning content and publishing services provide complete, end-to-end solutions for information providers and all businesses involved in content production. The differentiation is in focusing on solutions and services that enable customers to find new ways to monetize their content assets, measurably improve performance, and increase revenues across their entire operation. From digital product conception, content creation and multichannel distribution, to post-delivery customer and IT support, they align with customers as they streamline their operations to maximize cost-efficiencies and improve their ROI while connecting them with new, digitally savvy audiences.

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