Immotion Group’s Uvisan signs distributor deals with 12 firms

Immotion Group plc (LON:IMMO), has announced its UV cleansing division, Uvisan, has signed distributor and reseller agreements with 12 firms across Europe, USA, India and Australia.

Uvisan was created as a direct need of our Location Based partner business needing a safe and secure system by which they could cleanse VR headsets. Demand for the CE, ISO, ROHS, IEC certified UV-C cabinets quickly grew and to date it has supplied products to a series of UK schools, universities, and healthcare organisations, as well as Aardman, the British animation studio behind Wallace and Gromit. The cabinets have also been recognised and approved by both HP, and Microsoft.

The new distribution, and reseller deals will allow Immotion to scale sales of its solution for disinfecting shared tablets, laptops, VR and AR headsets, audio headsets, and other handheld electronic equipment goods, as well as its complete room cleansing product, without impacting on its core business. The new agreements will allow it to serve the whole of Europe, Scandinavia, USA, India, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

David Cartwright, Head of Sales at Uvisan, said: “The race to reopen important venues in the leisure, education, healthcare, and retail industries around the world is on, and organisations will be looking to ensure that they have taken every precaution they can in order to counter subsequent waves of coronavirus and other transmissible viruses and bacteria. Our new global network of distributors, and resellers will allow firms across the world to procure and install our UV-C technology quickly and easily, giving them the ability to provide a higher level of hygiene to their customers.

“Businesses and other organisations must now learn how to operate alongside the threat of coronavirus and its variants. Implementing measures such as ambient UV-C disinfection gives the highest level of hygiene possible, while reassuring operators and the public as they resume a normal life.”

Uvisan has signed distributor deals with Redbox VR, System Active in the United Kingdom, Schenker in Germany, VR Expert and VR Owl in Netherlands, Immersive Display in France, 3D Learning in Norway, Invelon in Spain, DJ Interactive in India, Mace Virtual Learning and VEDX in USA and UVC Cleantech in Australia, which have already sold a number of cabinets to schools, universities, museums and other business across the world.

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Immotion Group plc

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