Leadership and Culture: Supporting teams through homeschooling and beyond

For many of us in the UK, the announcement of ‘Lockdown Three’ in early January was met with quiet resignation. Here we go again, we thought. Plus ca change.  There was not much new – aside from it being grimmer and darker than the first lockdown, there was nothing here we hadn’t done before.

Yet in conversations with clients, our colleagues are reporting the same trends over and over again. The new lockdown – and particularly the challenges of home schooling – seem far more burdensome than they did in lockdown 1.0. Individuals, teams, and leaders are all struggling with balancing work and home life. Many FTSE-listed firms – and their accountancy partners – have already flagged up to regulators that these challenges are likely to prevent the timely release of end-of-year financial accounts.  

So why is it so much harder this time around? For Tim Drake, Director of Leadership Consulting, it all boils down to managing your culture to maintain trust.

Norman Broadbent plc (LON:NBB) is a leading Professional Services firm offering five interrelated Talent Acquisition & Advisory Services: Board & Leadership/Executive Search, Senior Interim Management, Research & Insight, Leadership Consulting & Assessment, and executive level Recruitment solutions.

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