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Dialight plc (LON:DIA) Group CEO, Fariyal Khanbabi presents their corporate sustainability video to celebrate the company’s 50 years of LED innovation.

Sustainability lies at the heart of the company’s philosophy. Their products and solutions enable industrial customers to reduce their energy costs, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint while maximizing safety and productivity of their facilities. By doing so, they support their customers reach their net zero carbon commitments.  

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Dialight plc

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Dialight plc

Dialight’s Fariyal Khanbabi features in LED Profession

Fariyal Khanbabi is the CEO at Dialight, a global leader in industrial LED lighting technology. Khanbabi brings over a decade of C-suite experience to her role, having formerly worked as CFO at Harvest Energy and Britannia Bulk, LTD.

Dialight plc

Dialight group revenue increased by 29% to around £169m

Dialight plc (LON:DIA), the global leader in LED lighting for heavy industrial applications, has published a full year trading update for the year ended 31 December 2022. All figures are unaudited. For the full year, Group revenue increased

Dialight plc

SafeSite ® LED based signaling for hazardous locations

Features & Benefits• 5 year full performance warranty• Resistant to shock and vibration• High impact polycarbonate lens, UV, scratch & chemical resistant lens coating• Reduction in expensive tower climbs and maintenance costs /unplanned site visits• Requires smaller gauge

Dialight plc

Obstruction LED Lighting

Dialight offers the industry’s most comprehensive, energy-efficient and reliable line of LED-based obstruction solution systems in the world. Every Dialight system is fully FAA certified and ICAO compliant for dependability and performance you can trust. Dialight’s patented optics

Dialight plc

Dialight lights a path for hydrogen

As the world moves to a decarbonised future, a key challenge for Australia is to ensure the resilience of the nation and its industries by transitioning and diversifying its economy with clean solutions. The Australian Government’s National Hydrogen Strategy

Dialight plc

Honorable Mention at the Lighting Design Awards

200LPW High Bay Prize(s) Honorable Mentions Company Dialight Europe Ltd Lead Designers Chris Capozzoli Other Designer’s names Paul KuesterClient n/a Completion Date October 2021 Dialight launched the Ultra-Efficient Vigilant High Bay in October 2021 as an addition to its Vigilant family, featuring more efficient

Dialight plc

ProSite Floodlight

The new ProSite Floodlight is a highly efficient and rugged product built to last in the toughest conditions. Optimizing total output while keeping a sleek, compact form factor, the ProSite features Dialight designed molded optics (patent pending) and

Dialight plc

Dialight group revenue up 35% over the prior year

Dialight plc (LON:DIA), the global leader in LED lighting for heavy industrial applications, has published a trading update for the 10-month period ended 30 October 2022. The Group has seen positive overall trading momentum continue into the second

Dialight plc

How sustainability impacts culture with Fariyal Khanbabi

Fariyal Khanbabi is the CEO and chairman of Dialight Group, an LED industrial lighting technology company that services the maritime industry. Dialight’s LED products provide lighting solutions that deliver reduced energy consumption and create a safer working environment.

Dialight plc

5 practical steps for decarbonizing the industrial sector right away

Dialight PLC is the world leader in LED industrial lighting technology with millions of LED fixtures installed worldwide. Dialight’s LED products are providing the next generation of lighting solutions that deliver reduced energy consumption and create a safer working

Dialight plc

Dialight appoints Nigel Lingwood as a non-executive director

Dialight plc (LON:DIA), the global leader in sustainable LED lighting for industrial applications, has announced the appointment of Nigel Lingwood as a non-executive director of Dialight with effect from 1 November 2022.  Nigel will join the Board’s audit

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