LED lighting helps Forth Ports win green award

Even in daylight in Shed 3, a bulk store at Forth Ports’ Leith facility, the 400W SON high bays were struggling to provide adequate illumination. The heat they generated was burning cargo dust onto the polycarbonate lenses and greatly impairing their performance, but lamp replacement was a great challenge as it could only be carried out when the shed became empty. That could mean a wait of just a few days or even a year in a specialist bulk store like this which is used to store food commodities. Clearly, when there is product stored, the areas above cannot be accessed for maintenance, so the replacement had to be with fittings that require limited maintenance and have longevity of life. To make it worse, the inefficient SONs were actually drawing around 440W each.

In such an environment as a bulk food store, where spontaneous ignition is possible, it was essential to select a food product safe luminaire that would avoid dust build up and comply with food regulations. To meet this need and the other multiple challenges, the thirteen 400W SON high bays in Shed 3 were replaced by eight of Dialight’s energy-efficient DuroSite® Series 172W LED high bays  while the 400W HPS in the workshop and cruise ship terminal were replaced with 150W LED high bays.

Dialight PLC is the world leader in LED industrial lighting technology with millions of LED fixtures installed worldwide. Dialight’s LED products are providing the next generation of lighting solutions that deliver reduced energy consumption and create a safer working environment.

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Dialight plc

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