Protection of allergy sufferers in a post-pandemic world

The UK is now slowly lifting restrictions imposed by the Government in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and many are thrilled to be back dining in busy food establishments. However, for over 2 million people living in the UK with a diagnosed food allergy, the rush to return to restaurants is not something to be taken lightly.

Food allergies are the most common cause of life-threatening anaphylaxis and for those at risk, consumers often have to place their lives in the hands of total strangers. The number of people living with allergies in the UK is rising by five per cent each year and yet an investigation conducted in 2020 revealed that one in five food samples taken by food inspectors in 2016 – 2019 contain at least one hidden allergen. This has the potential to end lives.

Allergy Therapeutics plc (LON:AGY) is a market-leading, pioneering immunology business with specialist experience in the research and development of allergy treatments. 

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