Quadrise Plc: A Strategic Partnership with Cargill and MAC2 for Cleaner Oceans (VIDEO)

Quadrise Plc (LON:QED) CEO Jason Miles joins DirectorsTalk Interviews to discuss a Collaboration Agreement with Cargill, and MAC2 Solutions, with regard to the production of MSAR® and bioMSAR™ fuels for the Company’s forthcoming marine vessel trials.

In this interview Jason shares insights into its strategic partnership aimed at decarbonizing the marine sector. The collaboration marks a unified effort towards sustainable marine fuel development, leveraging Quadrise’s emulsion fuel technology for trials with MSC Ship Management’s vast container fleet. This agreement not only underscores Quadrise’s commitment to environmental sustainability but also highlights the synergy between leading industry players to foster cleaner energy alternatives. Jason explains what is required to commence the MSC vessel trial in Q2 and also updates us on progress with projects in Utah and Morocco and the next project milestones that investors should be looking out for.

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