Removing methane from the mining process

Coal mine methane (CMM) refers to the methane released from coal and surrounding rock during mining activities. Methane in mines poses a safety risk due to its explosiveness when mixed with air, and, as we are all too aware, methane is a greenhouse gas (GHG) that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide, on a mass basis over a 100-year time period, and is a huge contributor to global warming and climate change.

It is therefore no surprise that removing the environmental risks associated with methane is topping the agenda for nations around world as we move toward achieving net zero ambitions. While safety and environmental risks are major drivers for ensuring that CMM is dealt with correctly, it is worth noting that CMM emissions also represent a potential source of energy that is wasted when not captured.

Enteq Technologies plc (LON:NTQ) develops and supplies equipment for Measurement, Logging and Geo-steering while drilling of wells for the Geothermal, Oil and Gas markets.

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Enteq Technologies

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Enteq Technologies plc

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