Surface Transforms carbon ceramic discs – A new era

Suspension Secrets gives us the rundown on Surface Transforms Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs, and how their groundbreaking continuous carbon construction makes them a game changer in the performance brake disc sector.

Surface Transforms plc (LON:SCE) are experts in the development and production of carbon-ceramic materials and the UK’s only manufacturer of carbon-ceramic brakes for automotive use.

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Surface Transforms Plc

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Surface Transforms Plc

Servicing Carbon-Ceramic Brakes

What if I told you the brakes on your next car would never fade, improve gas mileage and last 150,000 miles? You might think I was full of it or on drugs. But, ceramic-composite or carbon-ceramic brake rotors

Surface Transforms Plc

Aston Martin Valkyrie production begins

The Aston Martin Valkyrie has made it through its exhaustive development program, with customer cars now in production and the first unit complete and ready for delivery to its very patient owner in the next couple of weeks.

Surface Transforms Plc

Everything you need to know about Carbon Ceramic Brakes

If you’re even slightly interested in cars, you’ll know just how important the braking system is, and have heard of carbon ceramic brakes. For the everyday driver, not much thought is given to the brakes: if they work,

Surface Transforms Plc

What are carbon ceramic brakes?

Using carbon and ceramics in braking systems offers significant advantages over other materials, but the processes involved in their manufacture are considerably lengthy and more expensive – why are they so expensive and is it worth the cost?

Surface Transforms Plc

Surface Transforms patented process

Surface Transforms uses a unique, patented process to produce our next generation carbon-ceramic material. This process delivers the numerous advantages of the CCST material and our stringent quality standards ensure top-quality brake discs. Stage 1 Carbon Fibre Preform

Surface Transforms Plc

Surface Transforms’ technology

Surface Transforms’ material is a next-generation Carbon Fibre Reinforced Ceramic (CFRC) which is produced by Surface Transforms’ proprietary processes, transforming Carbon-Carbon into our Carbon-Silicon Carbide (CSiC) ceramic. Whilst the carbon-ceramic discs you find on production road cars conventionally

Surface Transforms Plc

Carbon-ceramic brake upgrade: Porsche

If you are looking for the ultimate Porsche brake upgrade package, we offer an industry-leading solution built by Surface Transforms brakes. These are carbon-ceramic brakes, which are aerospace-grade and F1 technology. These brakes are capable of withstanding extreme

Surface Transforms Plc

Carbon-ceramic brakes for McLaren 765LT from Surface Transforms

Surface Transforms PLC, the UK-based internationally recognised developer, manufacturer and supplier of carbon-ceramic materials, announced the launch of a new carbon-ceramic brake disc kit for the McLaren 765LT supercar. The McLaren 765 Long Tail (LT) is a high-performance