Top tips for an impactful cleantech film

The two latest films made for Biome Technologies are a more simple, face-to-face interview with its CEO Paul Mines mixed with stock footage.

For this project, both films were targeted at current and potential investors, a different tactic to the company’s previous films which were aimed at a more generic audience. In a simple but impactful speech, Paul introduces the various businesses that form Biome Technologies and gives a solid overview of the potential of Biome Bioplastics’ technology. Reproducing the company’s branding through the use of lights and using different monitors that focus solely on Paul created a much more personal yet professional atmosphere that has already caught the attention of investors.

Biome Technologies plc is a growth oriented, commercially driven technology group. The Group’s primary activity is the development of its fast growing business in bioplastics. The Group comprises two divisions: Biome Bioplastics and Stanelco RF Technologies.

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