What is geothermal energy, and is it right for you?

For thousands of years, before climate change was even a thing, many Indigenous Americans built settlements close to hot springs in order to take advantage of the geothermal heat and energy they provided. One such area that housed several tribes was in Northern California, and when Europeans discovered it, they developed the area and called it The Geysers, which would become a tourist attraction and spa in the 19th century.

Eventually though, in the 20th century, engineers realized that the area’s original use was an untapped resource for energy, and since 1980 it has become the world’s largest geothermal field, providing clean, renewable energy to roughly 20% of California’s population.

Geothermal energy is not just limited to people who live near hot springs; anyone with a yard can tap into the power of geothermal by digging a few feet into their land and installing a fuel-free, renewable heating and cooling system into their home.

Enteq Technologies plc (LON:NTQ) develops and supplies equipment for Measurement, Logging and Geo-steering while drilling of wells for the Geothermal, Oil and Gas markets.

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Enteq Technologies plc

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Enteq Technologies plc

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