Cerillion Q&A: New contract win validates position in the market (LON:CER)

Cerillion plc (LON:CER) Chief Executive Officer Louis Hall caught up with DirectorsTalk for an exclusive interview to discuss their largest ever contract win to date, what it means for the company and whether we can expect further big contract wins in the future.

Q1: You’ve has just announced the largest contract win to date worth $18.4 million, what can you tell us about the contract?

A1: This is a great contract for Cerillion, we’ve essentially announced a 10-year deal with a Latin American national network operator to provide our full end-to-end pre-integrated solution, including charging, billing, CRM network provisioning etc.

So, we’re very pleased with this one and yes, very positive.

Q2: What does this mean for the company then?

A2: So, this is important because it extends out our footprint in Latin America, where we had a fairly small presence to date, so this is important in terms of building more presence in what’s a very important market.

Also, a good win with a national network operator and I think the fact that this is such a long-term agreement helps a lot with increasing our sales backlog and our term license base and our visibility looking forward.

I think also the fact that having been chosen by this operator, through a very rigorous selection process, it just validates our position in the market and our strength as a first choice for these solutions.

Q3: Do you think that we can expect further big contracts wins and what can you tell us about the pipeline?

A3: Yes, I think whilst we are closing sales, at the other end of the funnel, the pipeline is growing, and I think this is perhaps a little surprising given the pandemic and all that surrounds that. The reality is I think that telco is in and has carried on investing and that is feeding through into different transformation projects of which this contract is a good example.

If you look also across the piece, then we’ve got huge investments coming through to implement 5G network upgrades and that investment trickles down in terms of systems. So, if you look at the customer experience angle, digital transformation, 5G investment, there are lots of good reasons why telco’s are continuing to invest, and that of course is helping to strengthen our pipeline. So, we would expect that to continue to grow.

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