What are quantum dots?

Quantum dots (QDs) are man-made nanoscale crystals that that can transport electrons. When UV light hits these semiconducting nanoparticles, they can emit light of various colors. These artificial semiconductor nanoparticles that have found applications in composites, solar cells and fluorescent biological labels.

Nanoparticles of semiconductors – quantum dots – were theorized in the 1970s and initially created in the early 1980s. If semiconductor particles are made small enough, quantum effects come into play, which limit the energies at which electrons and holes (the absence of an electron) can exist in the particles. 

Nanoco Group PLC (LON:NANO) leads the world in the research, development and large-scale manufacture of heavy metal-free nanomaterials for use in displays, lighting, vertical farming, solar energy and bio-imaging.

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Nanoco Group PLC

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Nanoco Group PLC

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Nanoco’s CFQD Fine Color FilmTM product, free of cadmium and other heavy metals, is a highly uniform optical film specifically designed for use in colour conversion applications. CFQD Fine Color FilmTM product takes the flexibility in emission wavelength of Nanoco

Nanoco Group PLC

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Nanoco Group said it is confident regarding its litigation against tech giant Samsung for the alleged wilful infringement of its intellectual property (IP) in the latest update on its case in US courts. On February 17, 2020, the

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Nanoco has provided an update on the litigation against Samsung for the alleged wilful infringement of the group’s IP. The US Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) has agreed to Samsung’s request to review the validity of the

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Nanoco Group PLC

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